Reliable Uninterruptible Power Supplies & Surge Protection

Your sensitive data and equipment deserves the best protection. High Nines Group in Tampa, Florida, designs and provides the best in uninterruptible power supplies and surge protection available to meet your needs.

UPS Systems

Protect your sensitive equipment and data with uninterruptible power supplies to keep your operations up and running. Systems can be designed to support a single computer, small equipment closet or an entire data center, based on your needs. Backup power, distribution and containment solutions are available from some of the industry’s premier manufacturers. Individual products and turnkey solutions are available.

Surge Protection

Let’s face it, todays electronics are becoming more and more susceptible to damage and failures due to electrical anomalies. Damage can happen at any time due to lightning as we all know but somewhere in the range of 90% of equipment damage happens as a result of poor utility conditions. Surge protection protects electrical infrastructure from this damage and is a no brainer for all of us who want to maximize the useful life span of our equipment and stretch our operating dollar. High Nines Group represents some of the most trusted manufacturers, including MTL Inc. ™, formerly known as Atlantic Scientific.